The need to get closer to the younger audience and to take ownership of the music scene, due to its relationship with this art form and also because it was present at the first edition of Rock in Rio, in 1985, and in all other editions since 2011, as well as, being the exclusive supplier of hamburgers and Milk Shake at Rock in Rio Brasil 2022.


In addition to PR actions, influencer marketing, which has been gaining more and more strength as a relevant part of the communication strategy of different brands, has become relevant and a priority.

Thinking of the biggest music festival on the planet, XCOM selected Giana Althaus for Bob’s team of creators.

Born in Curitiba, Giana has 952,000 followers on Instagram and 2.6 million on TikTok. The influencer is a musician and her song, Vai e Vem, has more than 2 million plays on Spotify.

To participate in Rock in Rio, Bob’s developed a custom look exclusively for the festival, several photos and videos were made, she danced with the mascot of the brand, took the Milk Shake, of course, and, besides all this, it was during this period that the influencer realized some of her biggest dreams, such as singing on one of the stages, enjoy the shows, dance and, perhaps one of the most important moments of her career, be verified by Instagram.

The campaign, developed by XCOM in partnership with Bob’s, Giana brought:

in over


hits in 1 single Reels

and got

4 million

potential reach