What are your sexting? Adult strategies, sexting perceptions and you can behavior certainly Italian teendecadesrs

What are your sexting? Adult strategies, sexting perceptions and you can behavior certainly Italian teendecadesrs

Sexting has came up just like the a public health insurance and social thing. The present data had a couple aims: a) in order to preliminarily try adolescent sex distinctions into the parental means of teenage on the web existence, parental overseeing, adolescent ideas into the sexting and you will sexting behaviors; b) so you’re able to alone test to possess male and female teens an abstract design in which sexting practices is actually said by the adult techniques and you will keeping track of, on mediation away from teenage poor attitude with the sexting.


Direct and indirect links between the variables in the model were investigated. The study was carried out with 541 participants. Participants were Italian adolescents (60% males; 40% females) aged 14 to 19 years (Mage = 16,19 years, SDage = 1,31).

Overall performance

Performance advised you to definitely female sent so much more media sexts, got a top effect from exposure of sexting and you may reported highest score for adult means from teenage online lives and parental monitoring. Guidelines for the Information, Adult Training, Teenage Disclosure, and you will Parental Handle led to getting connected with each other sexting thinking and behaviors to possess men and women kids.


Conclusions stress the key part you to parents play within the framing attitudes and practices regarding both girl and you can sons while in the https://alexismeads.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/3-Things-To-Remember-When-You-Feel-Unsure-Of-Yourself.jpg” alt=”date spel rate mijn date”> puberty.


Over the past twenty years, this new progressive and increasingly rapid development of interaction technology enjoys added to various changes in the way some body, and particularly teens, express, work together and you may relate to each other. As ideal by Weber and Dixon , brand new “digital society” was more and more getting more pervading: teenagers and you may youthfulness would be the extremely digitally linked having fun with this new communication media such as for instance mobiles and you may social support systems. Such mass media allow them to getting constantly in contact of the sharing different varieties of articles, such as text messages, photo and you will video clips. Furthermore, this new technology have likewise impacted just how adolescents create their sexual dating, discuss and share the sex .

Has just, sexting provides came up since the a trend attracting societal health insurance and societal focus. Sexting is actually a keen English title combining the text “sex” and you can “texting” (message from text), originally making reference to texting that features intimate content material . Towards spread of the latest innovation, also smart phones and you will instantaneous chatting and you may cam programs (e.g. WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram …), the word was also applied to those things of send towards social support systems and buying and selling intimate content material, instance photos, video clips or images [sixteen, 26, 41]. Ergo sexting can be defined as the newest exchange (getting, delivering, giving and upload) away from intimately direct information (messages and you can/otherwise photo/photos/video out of naked otherwise partial-nude) to the electronic news in addition to Internet sites [16, 17, twenty six, 33].

Recently, the latest literature features highlighted a growing part of teens which training sexting. Based on one of the primary international studies accomplished towards the sexting (Eurispes & Telefono [step 3, 4]), as much as 20% away from adolescents acquired, privately delivered, otherwise printed sexts on line, if you are more recent knowledge said higher rates anywhere between sixty and you can 80% [22, 42].

Studies have examined frequency out-of sexting considering sex, however, answers are will inconsistent (for a review select: ). Some education [42, sixty, 67] shown large regularity of sexting habits certainly one of men teenagers, though some almost every other degree [9, 67, 71] ideal one to people receive sexts more frequently than females and that aforementioned discovered sext demands and you can send sexts more frequently. So you’re able to top understand these types of intercourse distinctions inconsistency, you’ll refer to new “Postfeminist” position (elizabeth.g. ) and this focused on females intimate objectification in the latest news community. Centered on this position, towards one-hand, teenage lady are questioned to manufacture an intimate content (i.e., the new sext) given that a kind of care about-monitor, which in some cases is visible once the a measure of attractiveness and you will a different types of women desirability. not, at the same time, those individuals girls which take part in such as sexting routines usually are subject to peer ethical condemnation and you may shaming. Likewise, teenage males you will definitely obtain feedback demonstrating or discussing girls’ photos for the their peer group .