VICTON Professionals Profile: VICTON Finest Designs, VICTON Points VICTON (??) are a-south Korean guy category below Ist Enjoyment

VICTON Professionals Profile: VICTON Finest Designs, VICTON Points VICTON (??) are a-south Korean guy category below Ist Enjoyment

The team contains 7 users: Seungwoo, Seungsik, Chan, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, and you may Subin

Phase Label: Seungsik (??) Delivery Term: Kang Seung Sik (???) Position: Leader, Fundamental Singer Birthday celebration: April sixteen, 1995 Zodiac Indication: Aries Peak: 180 cm (5’11”) Weight: 65 kg (143 weight) Blood type: An effective Nationality: Southern area Korean MBTI Style of: ISFJ User Emoji: ??/?? Instagram:

While you are eating together with her from the dormitory I would like to present ‘this is why I live’

Seungsik Factors: – He was created in the Gyeonggi State, Southern area Korea. – Seungsik is titled the newest commander out of Victon when Seungwoo come producing that have X1. – His nickname are Mommy. – Young professionals like to tease your. – Superstar he wants to focus on: Smash. – Things they are in search of: Creating, he’s currently discovering it step by step. – The guy dislikes cucumbers. – Their special pastime try cleaning the area. ( Issue) – Their book point: “Compared to my personal direct, In my opinion my personal shoulder is a little section thicker.” (ins and you may healthy food choices. ( Issue) – Their favorite colour is actually black. – Seungsik snores much. – They have the fresh practice of waking up out of sleep subconsciously and start walking, in the place of recalling how it happened. – He really does new ”dirty really works” together with unwelcome work at the VICTON. – Getting Seungsik, their extremely glamorous feature is his attention laugh. – He has no a faith. – Something he does prior to sleeping: Beauty, filling liquids towards the a great humidifier, restaurants something perfect for their mouth. ( Issue) – Their value: His training log, in which he authored each and every day while in the his degree several months. ( Issue) – Conclusion when he gets frustrated: “My human body will get firm. But not, I simply remain however versus thinking anything.” ( Issue) – Their role design are B2ST’s Yang Yoseob. – Seungsik has had along side Frontrunner status just after Seungwoo become his circumstances with X1. – Seungsik’s best method of: Woman just who attends university faithfully. ( Issue) Let you know a lot more Seungsik enjoyable situations…

Phase Name: Seungwoo (??) Birth Identity: Han Seung Woo (???) Position: Head Rap artist, Lead Performer, Head Dancer Birthday celebration: December twenty four, 1994 Zodiac Sign: is pof more successful than okcupid Capricorn Peak: 184 cm (6’0?) Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs) Blood-type: B Nationality: Southern area Korean MBTI Sorts of: ISFJ Affiliate Emoji: ?? Instagram:

Seungwoo Affairs: – He had been the original Leader of Victon, however, quit the position immediately after X1‘s disbandment. – He was produced during the Busan, Southern area Korea. – He’s got dos more mature sisters, among them is even well-known, Secret‘s Han Sunlight-hwa. – Their nicknames was: Seunggu, SixPacks, Head – The guy wished to feel a baseball athlete. – Some thing he could be in search of: creating, writing words, BigBang, spending some time alone, studying – His book section would be the fact he is able to do anything on his own. He have dinner by yourself, he together with went seeing videos alone. Even animal meat buffet and you will karaoke are you are able to. ( Issue) – Seungwoo possess step three tattoos: you to into his neck (their birthday celebration into the Roman numerals), one-one his collarbone (“do not secure me personally upwards”), and something into his inner arm (vegetation and crescent moon). – Their unique ability try imitating new sound out-of Pikachu. – He or she is an effective Buddhist. – The guy likes meats jerky. ( Issue) – Seungwoo ‘s the most effective person in VICTON. – The guy loves to carry out circumstances alone (Dinner, Exiting, Running and Taking walks). – The guy enjoys beer. – Seungwoo is also mimic the new sound regarding goats. – Seungwoo likes martial arts. – Their lifestyle priorities: 1. Themselves 2. His friends and family, individuals to your step three. Their upcoming ( Issue) – If you were considering 3 desires: “Unfold the long term once i need to. Family’s health. Myself having brand new improvements informal.” ( Issue) – Decisions should you get upset: “Keep back, hold-back, and you can hold-back. Undoubtedly wait until the conclusion.” ( Issue) – Someone you want to receive to your dorm: “Family. ” ( Issue) – The guy really detests insects and you may dust. – Superstars he desires focus on: G-Dragon, APink, Huhgak – His role models try Grams-Dragon and Taeyang. – Seungwoo is shown to be the brand new athletic one in the team. – Seungwoo and you will Byungchan was contestants to the Build X 101. – The guy concluded Generate X 101 to your third Score and is part from X1. – Toward the guy enrolled on the army. – Seungwoo’s top types of: “Woman one to my personal cardio goes to of course, even rather than me once you understand.” ( Issue) Would like to know a little more about Seungwoo? Here are some their complete character…