In Brazil, the spectrum’s viability for use of 5G is under negotiation with regulatory agencies and the auctions should take place between 2020 and 2021. According to estimates by the Ericsson Mobility Report, in 2025, there will be 2.8 billion 5G subscriptions of the total subscribers mobile service in the world. Until then, 5G will account for almost half of the global data traffic on the mobile network.

The appropriation of 5G in Brazil is an opportunity to position Ericsson as a pioneer in providing a network to players of relevance in the main industries (operators, automotive, agriculture, industry 4.0, health, safety, among others).

Based on this challenge, it was necessary to create a project that would position the company as a pioneer provider of 5G technology in Brazil. However, the telecommunications multinational needed the basis of the entire project to be content, not its name or reputation.


Position Ericsson as a pioneer provider of 5G technology in Brazil, in addition to achieving the following results in one year (Sep / 2019 to Aug / 2020):

  • Impact more than 1 million people (impressions)
  • Generate more than 50 thousand engagements by adding all channels
  • Over 5,000 accesses to the site


Disseminating a company’s intellectual capital is not a simple task, it is necessary to build a strategy based on content and activation, allowing the right audience to have access to the right information. When dealing with such an innovative topic, when the fifth generation of mobile networks – 5G -, the challenge is even greater, as it requires the effort to educate people about its functionalities, its myths, and the positive impact it generates for the society.

From this, the project was built based on information: distributing information through different digital channels and activating audiences from different networks. The project website was developed, with the objective of being the content hub about 5G in the world, all in Portuguese and with accessible language. Sociedade 5G, is an information portal about technology 5G in development in Brazil.

In addition to 5G videos, news and use cases around the world, the site also offers an exclusive section for journalists, with reports on telecommunications, articles, infographics, podcasts and more.

Finally, all content was shared on social networks, an environment in which it was possible to carry out campaigns to further disseminate the project’s messages and educational content about 5G.


Present in the main social networks in use in Brazil, content was disseminated to various audiences, whether they are industry professionals or even consumers who will be impacted by 5G technology.

From the activation of the social networks of Sociedade 5G, there was an exponential growth of followers in the three active networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram). From September 2019 to August 2020, the audience on social networks exceeded more than 5,000 people, with more than 10 million people impacted. The Sociedade 5G website had more than 10,000 active users on the page, with a stay time on the pages of more than three minutes.

Relevant content and a strategy to impact the right audience through campaigns was the key to the success of Sociedade 5G, which remains active today.


In 1 year of project:

0 mil
accesses to the site
+ 0 mil
0 mil
followers on social media
0 mi
impressions and reach
0 thousand
engagments in social profiles
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