Pagseguro Pagbank


PagSeguro began its operations in the market with an online payment company. Over time, it launched services and products that also started to operate in face-to-face commerce.

With the arrival of MODERNINHA, the machine that accepts debit and credit cards for SMEs, the company expanded its level of operations. In 2017, it launched services and products that meet the needs of large retailers, such as TEF (Electronic Funds Transfer).

As a PR challenge, XCOM initiated the company’s communication to each new business agent, expanding the diversity of channels, with new messages, always focusing on the market differentials that made the brand synonymous with the category of Payment Means in the Brazil.


The work focused on PR was initially directed towards the launch of the 2020 edition of CarnaUOL, with confirmation of date and place. This communication was followed by pills with the confirmed attractions for the event.

In addition, a robust relationship work was carried out with the Advertising & Marketing and Communication media, since UOL is a communication and technology group.

But today, it is not only with websites, newspapers and magazines that people are informed: it was necessary to impact a greater number of people with a more assertive influence. It was the turn to speak to the influencers. Exclusive kits with carnival props were sent to this audience, as well as to journalists, helping everyone to be prepared for the revelry.


  1. Reach media outlets with a focus on SMEs, Means of Payment, Technology, E-commerce and Retail with actions such as release disclosure, suggested agenda, successful cases with PagSeguro clients.
  2. Create relationships and activations (meetings, suggestion of partnerships and events) between PagSeguro and vehicles focused on its target audiences of interest.
  3. Articles signed by the executives and their indication as speakers at industry events with the aim of making them a reference in the market.
  4. Create rapprochement also with the Business trade vehicles with an emphasis on Finance.
  5. Create rapprochement also with the Business trade vehicles with an emphasis on Finance.


press results in the Economics, Finance, SMEs, e-commerce and Retail outlet media
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