XCOM is part of two global networks of communication and public relations agencies: PR World Alliance and Constellation Global Network.

Integrating PR World Alliance since 2019, it was the first agency in the Southern Hemisphere to be accepted into the alliance, with the possibility of serving its clients in several countries, in all public relations disciplines, in addition to having access to international data and tools. . Created 30 years ago in Belgium, the PR World Alliance (PRWA) offers its clients extensive research in global markets, managed by experienced professionals, in a network with carefully selected agencies and partners, and with a solid reputation for producing results. Click here for more information on PRWA.

In 2020, the agency also became part of the Constellation Global Network, a community of entrepreneurs that aims to establish connections between agencies and independent multinational networks in the advertising, digital, public relations and communication sectors to do business, establish alliances and enter in a strategic representation. For more information on the Constellation Global Network, click here.

XCOM’s presence on global agency teams reinforces its commitment to local business and industry development. Becoming even more agile and efficient, with access to data and know-how from other countries and, in addition, the possibility of offering solutions and projects already proven in other markets, XCOM is the focal point of these communities in Brazil, which have a mix of creative and award-winning agencies, present in the main countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

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