Known for wrapping up an increasingly attractive and daring spree, CarnaUOL, the largest content, media and events project in Brazil, held its seventh edition in 2020. The event is held annually in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, consolidating the alliance with CarnaUOL Camarote N ° 1, one of the main players in Sapucaí.

A party already scheduled for most revelers, CarnaUOL is a benchmark in promoting the largest coverage of carnivals in Brazil on its platform. However, it has been seven years of history, and show all the news to those interested in the festival, in order to maintain its reputation and attract more people to fall in love with the spree -with all the competition of parties and stables-, is the biggest challenge.


The work focused on PR was initially oriented towards the launch of the 2020 edition of CarnaUOL, with confirmation of date and place. This communication was followed by pills with the attractions confirmed for the event.

In addition, a solid relationship work was carried out with the Advertising & Marketing and Communication media, since UOL is a communication and technology group.

But today it is not only with websites, newspapers and magazines that people are informed: it was necessary to impact a greater number of people with a more assertive influence. It was the turn to speak with the influencers. Exclusive kits with carnival props were sent to this audience, as well as journalists, helping everyone get ready for the revelry.


The festival grew and so did our results. In the 2020 edition of CarnaUOL more than 400 reports were published, an increase of 62% compared to 2019. In addition, more than 86 million people were reached with communications about the festival.

More than 120 “pre-folia” kits were also distributed to influencers and journalists, which resulted in more than 80 insertions on social networks throughout the project’s dissemination and about 5 million people impacted.


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