Strategy and creativity uniting corporate and digital communication.

Integrated marketing solutions, designed to leverage your business. 

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Solutions that can help you.
In a world of great reputation and engagement challenges, XCOM offers strategy, positioning, knowledge and value generation to our customers.
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Public Relations (PR)
• Press Office
• Media Relationship
• Institutional Communication

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• PR International
• Government Relations
• Steakholders Management
• Crisis Management
• Press Kit
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Digital Campaigns
• Action plan
• Produção do conteúdo e artes
• Campaign monitoring and optimization

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● Data Intelligence
● Monitoring.
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Social Media
• Content and art production
• Institutional positioning planning
• Community Management and Interaction

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• Monitoring
• CS 2.0
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Graphic design
• Institutional presentations
• Visual communication
• Brand identity

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• Production and Design of E-books
• Preparation of Infographics • Case creation
• Video script and manifestos production
• Branded Content
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• Production of video scripts and manifestos
• Branded Content
• Editorial production
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Crisis management
• Study of Possible Crises and Action Plans
• Mitigation of Delicate Scenarios
• Crisis Prevention

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• Mitigating the effects of a crisis
• Periodic company and market analysis
• Support in the relationship with strategic audiences
• Image Impact and Follow-on Report
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• Video script and manifestos production
• Photography
• Video and Motion Graphics Editing
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• Media Training
• Workshops de comunicação
• Treinamento de Redes Sociais

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• Alinhamento do discurso dos colaboradores
• Aprimoramento do diálogo técnico e retórica
• Capacitação para que seus funcionários falem melhor em público
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• Development of Strategies and Custom Actions
• Relationship with Influencers
• Activation with Creators

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• Influencer mapping
• Intermediation of Documentation and Contracts
• Campaign Follow-up
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Activation with
internal audience
• Planning engagement actions with employees
• Content Production and Intranet Management

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• Content for Mural Journal Support for Human Resources actions
• Endomarketing

Thought Leadership Strategy.  

Thought Leadership indicates Influence or Thematic Leadership. The technique is employed as a powerful and extremely effective tool.

It consists of sharing ideas from an exclusive and original perspective and thus stimulating the generation of new debates, insights and values about this point of view.

By spreading quality content, you can build a positive reputation and create authority.

Strategy is one of the main way to earn and boost your customers’ trust, and XCOM is a pioneer in the strategy in Brazil.

Who we are

We believe in the transformative power of communication in the relationship between brands and their stakeholders. We promote true engagement through frank and open dialogue.

XCOM operates in a consulting model. In an environment that is constantly changing, we are able to predict and map scenarios, train and empower spokespersons, and create solid corporate action models.

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XCOM is part of two global networks of Communication and PR agencies: the PR World Alliance and Constellation Global Network.

The presence in these global teams of agencies reinforces our commitment to the development of the communication sector in Brazil and the recognition of this service worldwide